Selters Spa – Mladenovac Serbia


In September 1898, in he’s course of drilling for an artesian well needed for his cattle, Naum Atanasijevic, a merchant from Mladenovac, was befallen by – mineral water.

post card fro Selters Spa around 1900'

The same year, the known chemists, M.T. Leko made the first analysis of the water and determined that it was really thermo-mineral water in question, with significant healing capability (later on confirmed by repeated tests), since

„according to the quantity of sodium-bicarbonate, it is stronger than that of Selters spring, but contains somewhat more salts and… according to its content of lime and magnesium, it is a cleaner alkaline water than the Selters water“.

And so, there arose a Spa on the brim of the small town of Mladenovac of the time (established in 1882) – which, often compared to the famous health resort in Essen (Germany), was named – Selters. (The water received international recognition in 1903.)

Selters Spa - Mladenovac Serbia

Selters Spa of Mladenovac is situated on the slopes of the Mount of Kosmaj (630 m), on a spacious wooded area – in midway of the Belgrade-Kragujevac road (50 km south of Belgrade.)

Owing to the favourable location, (136 m altitude), and dominant winds from the Mounts of Bukulja, Vencac and Kosmaj, the air in the Spa is clean and the climate is refreshing (moderate-continental, with lots of sunny days in the year.)

The healful waters issue from two springs.
The older one provides alkaline-muriatic acidic water (31°-32° C), rich with sodium hydro carbonate and chlorine.
The other spring, in use since 1978, issues the water that belongs to the group of alkaline muriatic carbon-acidic hyper-thermae (50° C). Thanks to its physical and chemical features, the water belongs to the category of mineral waters of a wide spectrum of medicinal properties, and is used as a significant therapeutic means by bathing, inhalation and drinking.

Treatments in Selters Spa are conducted in Belgrade Institute for Rehabilitation – the Selters Division in Mladenovac. This Division is equipped with most up-to-date medical facilities for diagnostics and treatments.

About fifty doctors of various specialties take care of the patients, together with 200 therapists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, defectologists… all in cooperation with the Medical Faculty in Belgrade.

The following therapies are applied:

  • hydro (two pools and 20 bath tubs for underwater massage and saunas),
  • peloid,
  • electric,
  • sono,
  • photo,
  • paraffin,
  • kinesis,
  • and work therapies.

There is a special therapy applied for chronic diseases of respiratory organs.

Accommodation is provided in the hospital portion of the Department – 250 beds, and in „Selters“ Hotel of B category with 250 beds, containing also restaurants, an indoor pool, shops, a gallery….

Throughout the year, literary and music evenings are organized in „Selters“ Hotel, as well as exhibitions of painting and sculptures…

Since 1989. „Selter“ Hotel has been the host to an art colony gathering most prominent painters and sculptors from the country.

At that time, a traditional Theatre Festival is held, with participation of the theatres from all over Serbia.

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